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12-Year-Old Graduates High School and College This Month


Despite many students struggling with adjusting to classes in the pandemic, 12-year-old Mike Wimmer from North Carolina will be graduating with both a high school diploma and college degree this month.

Wimmer spent his lockdown taking classes online and discovered that if he added a few extra classes, he would graduate from both schools at the same time. Due to his accelerated schedule, he finished two years of high school and two years of community college in just one year.

He will also be graduating as high school class valedictorian, with a 5.45 GPA from high school and a 4.0 GPA from college.

“I went through all of the grades in school at a faster pace. I’m like a sponge, I take in knowledge very fast,” he explained to WCNC.

Robotics and Computer Programming

Wimmer has expressed interest in pursuing a career in robotics and computer programming. He is self-taught and learned about computer programming through “trial and error and online videos and everything.”

He also told WCNC that as early as 18 months old, he was already interested in technology and its inner workings.

“At 18 months old with my first iPad I started to wonder ‘Well, how does it work?’” he explained.

He has previously been featured as an 11-year-old robotics prodigy in an interview with DATAcated, and has made waves in the tech community for his prowess.

Real-Life Sheldon Cooper?

Beyond education, he has also founded two tech startups: Next Era Innovations and Reflect Social.

Despite his accelerated learning, Wimmer still has time to dabble in outside interests. He enjoys playing video games, building Lego sets, baseball, and basketball.

“A lot of people think I’ve given up my childhood or somehow lost it, and I say to them that I’m having the time of my life,” Wimmer told Big News Network.

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