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ACT Sued for Sharing Disability Status of Students with Colleges


A lawsuit filed against a nonprofit organization which conducts the standardized college entrance exam claims violation of civil rights of students with a disability.

The suit was filed at a district court in California against  ACT, Inc which conducts the American College Testing (ACT) exam. Plaintiff Halie Bloom accused the nonprofit of disclosing disability information of students taking the ACT test to colleges and demanded an end to the practice of collecting the disability status of students.

“ACT illegally uses student disability information in two primary ways. First, ACT “flags” student score reports by disclosing detailed student disability information and the use of accommodations on the score report it sends to colleges,” reads the release issued by Bloom’s attorney.

“Second, ACT sells the detailed student disability data to various postsecondary organizations including colleges, scholarship programs, and other third parties who use it for recruitment and marketing related to the admissions process.”

The suit alleges ACT of sending Bloom’s disability status acquired from her testing registration to different colleges where she applied, leading to the flagging of her score reports.

“I was shocked to learn that ACT was using my disability information against me and making it more difficult for me to get into college and get the money I need to go to college,” Bloom said.

“I’m speaking out because I know that someone has to stand up for all of the students who are scared about how their disabilities will be used against them,” she added.

Rahul Ravipudi, attorney for plaintiffs blamed ACT for making profits at the expense of students with a disability.

“ACT flags students’ test scores, discloses their confidential information to colleges pre-admission, and stigmatizes students with disabilities in the admissions process,” the attorney said.

“Not only does this unlawful practice violate the privacy, security, and confidentiality of information entrusted to ACT by the students in its care – it does so for profit, and at the expense of America’s most vulnerable students who are striving to further their education,” he added.

The plaintiffs demanded a nationwide injunction to stop this practice.

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