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ASU Havasu Campus Set to Offer New Nursing Program


Arizona State University (ASU) is launching a nursing program this fall at its Lake Havasu campus to address a shortage of healthcare professionals in the state’s rural counties. 

The Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation at ASU Havasu will be offering a 12-month program, following the approval of the Arizona Board of Nursing last April, that will accept around 30 students each year.

Nursing students in the program will take part in virtual and immersion lab experiences that include visits to the Health Futures Center in Phoenix. According to The State Press, future graduates will be eligible to “sit for the National Council Licensure Examination to become registered nurses.”

Commitment Hurdles

Kingman Regional Medical Center Chief Human Resource Officer Anita Harger expressed her concern over the scarcity of nurses across the state, pointing out that the lack of career opportunities for spouses may have added to the problem. 

Harger explained that rural hospitals are losing the recruitment battle against regional hospitals and private practices. 

ASU Havasu spokesperson Amanda Goodman is optimistic about the program since nurses who attend may likely commit their services to rural communities, saying that professionals tend to stay where they receive their education.

Supporting Healthcare

Several institutions similarly hope to equip the healthcare industry with additional qualified workers.

St. John’s University has recently proposed a new nursing program to meet the projected demand for nurses in response to an increase in patients with persistent medical conditions. 

The Abbeville Campus of South Louisiana Community College has also opened a new training laboratory to improve students’ practical skills training by exposing them to various clinical simulations. Additionally, the school announced plans to offer scholarships to healthcare students. 

Cornerstone University in Michigan announced a newly renovated medical center in April. The school plans to establish a new nursing program once its proposal gains the approval of the Higher Learning Commission.

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