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Fayetteville State University Offers Most Affordable Criminology Degree

Fayetteville State University offers the most affordable online criminal justice and criminology bachelor’s degree program in the country, according to a new Bachelor’s Degree Center (BDC) ranking report.

The BS in Criminal Justice offered by the university is the most cost-friendly program in the United States. It prepares students for a wide range of career options, including DEA or FBI agent, Police Officer, Juvenile Detention Officer, Legal Researcher, Crime Analyst.

The program is recognized as an affordable Criminal Justice degree online, with courses in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Bellevue University’s BS in Criminal Justice ranked second for its affordable. The program is designed to transform students through a series of hands-on and integrated learning experiences and prepare them for a career in the courts, law enforcement, and/or corrections.

“For students who want to work in the justice system – whether as law enforcement officers, administrators, or even attorneys – a bachelor’s in criminal justice is the place to start,” BDC editors said in a release.

“For working professionals in the field, getting a bachelor’s in criminal justice may be key to advancement. It opens opportunities within the criminal justice field, including work in police departments, parole, and the court system and offers a stable career that focuses on helping others in your local and state communities,” they added.

Following Bellevue, Kentucky State University’s BA in Criminal Justice ranked third for preparing students for careers in the legal system, corrections or policing since the 1970s. The focal areas of the program are intelligence, security, advocacy, policing, and social work.

The other seven schools that figured in the top ten list are Louisiana State University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Louisiana, Missouri Southern State University, Troy University, Columbia College and Youngstown State University.

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