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ASU Offers Best Ph.D. in Healthcare Leadership Degrees


Arizona State University has been named the best college in the nation for anyone pursuing online Doctorates in Healthcare Leadership degrees.

The list, released by OnlineCollegePlan.Com, ranked 20 institutions across the country that provide the best programs in healthcare leadership for online learners. The website used factors like academic quality of parent institution, the program in question and flexibility of the program to score each school out of a possible 300 points.

The University of Florida’s online Doctor of Behavioral Health program in which future healthcare managers are trained to prioritize evidence-based, cost-effective interventions, and that works to prevent under or overcare and other bad outcomes for patients, ranked first with 298.2 points. The program requires 14 total classes, 84 credit hours and costs $10,822 total.

“The program is specifically focused on building management and leadership skills within healthcare, and its curriculum covers health economics, entrepreneurship, ethical and legal issues, behavioral intervention, and much more,” the report reads.

The University of South Florida ranked second with a score of 298. Its Ph.D. program, costing $6,410 total, is conveyed through online and on-campus instruction and prepares students for leadership roles in a number of organizations, including health departments, non-profit organizations, health service, international agencies, and community-based organizations.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s online Executive Doctoral Program in Health Leadership ranked third, receiving 296.5 merit points. It is designed for health officials, entrepreneurs, and others that are in the middle of their careers and are looking to advance their professional opportunities.

The other seven institutions that landed in the top 10, in order of rank, are the University of Illinois, University of Mississippi, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Liberty University, Nova Southeastern University, Indiana University, and Regent University.

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