Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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NJ’s Minority Serving Bloomfield College Risks Closure


Faced with financial woes and declining enrollment, Bloomfield College announced that it risks permanently closing its doors.

Founded in 1868, Bloomfield is New Jersey’s only Minority Serving Institution. Students of color comprise over 85 percent of the school’s population and 71 percent come from families with a median income below $32,000.

Since tuition is the institution’s primary source of revenue, a steep decline in enrollment during the pandemic has resulted in severe financial challenges for the school. President Marcheta Evans has put out a call for help, urging donors to “enable the four-year institution to continue its vital mission.”

Evans said the college will be able to get through the 2021-2022 academic year but expressed doubts about whether it would reopen next fall. Students are battling food and housing insecurity and are faced with insufficient grants. Many are forced to choose between staying in school and making a living. 

Mayor Offers Support

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia said he was “concerned to see the recent headlines” about Bloomfield’s financial troubles. Venezia has pledged support, saying how the 153-year-old institution is “an asset” to the community.

“Bloomfield College is one of the most diverse colleges in the region and has helped so many students achieve their dreams…I have personally reached out to President Evans to offer our support. We will do whatever we can to ensure that the college will continue to serve our community,” the mayor said to the press.

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