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COVID-19 Impacts California Universities Fall 2020 Undergraduate Admissions


The uncertainty of the future caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced California universities to adjust their admission requirements for future applicants. 

When classes were abruptly moved online, students began questioning how grading was going to work for the remainder of the semester. Some even created petitions asking to give all current enrolled students A’s. 

But enrolled college students aren’t the only ones struggling. Graduating high school students are left to question their application status to any University of California or California State Universities. 

The CSU has released a statement explaining their adjustments to their admission policy. From high school grades 8 and above, the CSU will be accepting credit/no credit grades for A-G course requirements taken in winter, spring, or summer 2020 terms. 

“The CSU will accept grades of “Credit” or “Pass” to satisfy “a-g” requirements completed during winter, spring or summer 2020 terms,” according to the CSU statement. “All prior coursework must be graded and a grade of C- or better must be earned for the course to satisfy “a-g” requirements. Grades of credit/pass or no credit/non-passing will not be included in the calculation of high school GPA.”

For incoming freshmen, CSU campuses will continue receiving transcripts through the fall 2020 semester. Individual campuses will also decide if they want to extend their intent to enroll and housing deposit. 

The UC system announced a similar plan on their website, stating that letter grades for A-G requirements have been suspended, so they will accept credit/no credit for students currently in grades 9 and above.  

However, UC campuses will not be extending their application deadline of May 1 and June 1 for transfer students. Students may turn in their transcript by July 1.

University policies will continue to change, follow the latest updates here on Inside Higher Ed. 

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