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California Governor Forms New Post Secondary Education Council

California Governor Gavin Newsom has constituted a new council that would serve as a consultative body around the economic and social impact of higher education in the state.

The governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education will make recommendations to the governor for taking actions on various fronts required to strengthen California’s systems of higher education and partner with its leaders.

The council will examine issues relating to enrollment planning, community college transfers, future capacity and general education and coordination at the state and regional levels.

“The university and community college systems in the state operate in silos,” said Governor Newsom.

“To develop best practices and help our students reach their full potential, we need to work together across institutions.”

The Governor has further appointed a group of higher education advocates and stakeholders, including Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California, and Timothy White, the chancellor of California State University, to advise him on issues relating to student access, affordability and success.

“Gov. Gavin Newsom has demonstrated a clear passion for higher education and consistent advocacy for California students,” Napolitan said in a statement.

“Today he took this strong commitment yet a step further with the formation of the Governor’s Council for Post-Secondary Education, which will not only yield dedicated analysis and expertise on the most pressing issues surrounding higher education but also serve as a catalyst for targeted action and solutions to benefit all Californians.”

Last month, Newsom had signed Senate Bill 173 into law secures food for more than 50,000 California college students by streamlining the application process and remove barriers college students commonly face when enrolling in Cal Fresh.

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