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CSUN Receives $1 Million for Health Science Scholarships

California State University Northridge has received approximately $1 million to create scholarships for health science students, the school announced in a release.

Alumni Jack Scott, a former assistant dean of faculty development and curriculum at New York University, and his wife, Danielle Scott, made a donation to the College of Health and Human Development to support five endowments for health science student scholarships, which includes the Lennin H. Glass Scholarship Endowment.

The gift will create four new endowments: the Jack Scott Scholarship Endowment in the Department of Health Sciences, the Jack Scott Endowed Professional Development Fund in the College of Health and Human Development, the Scott Family Endowment in the Center of Achievement, and the Jack and Danielle Scott Endowment in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health.

The Scotts hope to provide a pathway for students to succeed in the health sciences and make a difference in the scientific community.

Most of the endowments will assist students majoring in health sciences who demonstrate leadership skills, support faculty efforts to mentor students, establish new curriculum and professional development programs and cover the cost of laboratories and professional equipment.

“The endowments will contribute to student success in leadership, and the health sciences should be No. 1,” Jack Scott said. “No. 2 would be for faculty enrichment, at various levels, and the third level will be providing resources.”

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