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University of California to Create Center of Excellence in Microscopy

The University of California San Diego is starting a new center to work on scientific innovations and train the next generation of scientists.

In collaboration with Leica Microsystems, the campus will soon host the Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence (CoE) within the School of Medicine Microscopy Core, Cellular and Molecular Medicine East to advance its efforts as a global academic and scientific leader.

The center will feature top-notch technology, multiphoton and confocal super-resolution microscopy systems, FALCON fast lifetime contrast fluorescence imaging and cutting-edge confocal microscopy.

“Our core has been serving the microscopy imaging needs of researchers across the campus for more than 15 years,” Binhai Zheng, a Ph.D. professor in the Department of Neurosciences, said. 

“With the support of our institutional leadership, the new partnership with Leica will boost our ability to provide advanced tools to our researchers for years to come, supporting cross-campus initiatives, such as the new Center for Network Medicine and its mission to enhance human life through innovative, disruptive research.”

The new center is already working to collaborate with scientists on the leading edge of research, and hopes to drive innovation in software, systems and workflow solutions.

“Collaborating with a world-class organization like UC San Diego to enable them to push the limits of what is seen is truly exciting for Leica and we look forward to working with UC San Diego today and for many years into the future,” Greg Eppink, general manager of microscopy at Leica Microsystems Americas, said.

“Leica Microsystems’ mission is to provide unrivaled insight for our customers by pushing the limits of what was previously possible and visible. UC San Diego is a great ally which will truly allow Leica to live up to our mission,” he added.

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