Thursday, January 28, 2021
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How is Student Loan Debt Threatening Students? An Interview With Robin Howarth

The College Post spoke to the Center for Responsible Lending researcher Robin Howarth about the student loan debt crisis in the country.

Should Higher Education in the United States Be Free?

Only a relatively small proportion of the American population, who tend to come from wealthier families, attends university. Free higher education would only help a fraction of the nation that does not particularly need this assistance.

How to Get That A in College

College puts a lot more personal responsibility on the students to forge their own path to success. So what should one do to get that A?

College Admissions: Call for a True Meritocracy

In the college admission process, the rich perpetuate inequality by utilizing their financial privilege for better schools and tutors, thwarting the meritocratic process of education in America.

Elitism, Injustice, and Inequality: Colleges and Legacy Admission Policies

College legacy admission policies are rooted in exclusion, breed elitism, and maintain social injustice. To provide a more level playing field in an already racially segregated society, these policies must be banned.

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Competitive Culture in Medical Education is Destructive for Students

Medical students are forced into opposition by a system that prioritizes competition over cooperation. This is a mistake and teaches future doctors faulty communication skills, poor leadership abilities, and a lack of compassion in the medical field overall.

Harvard Affirmative Action Case Goes to Trial

Harvard University stands at the crossroads of the tumultuous history of Affirmative Action litigation in the U.S. Affirmative Action proves quite controversial, particularly in college admissions and has been challenged numerous times.