Sunday, December 4, 2022


Stolen University Information for Sale on Cybercrime Forums

The FBI has cautioned US universities about the selling of their network and virtual private network information on public forums.

Duke Prof Calls Diversity Training ‘Maoist Propaganda,’ Refuses to Attend

A Duke University professor is facing criticism after he refused to attend mandatory diversity training, calling the event a “Maoist political propaganda workshop.”

Princeton Fires Professor for Misleading School About Relationship With Student

A tenured professor at Princeton University was fired by the school for misleading officials about his consensual relationship with an undergraduate 15 years ago.

Westminster College Offers Controversial Course on Porn

Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, has received harsh criticism for announcing a course on pornography.

Court Upholds Ohio Professor’s Right to Not Use Students’ Preferred Pronouns

Shawnee State University has agreed to pay $400,000 to a professor who sued the school for forcing him to use a student's preferred pronoun.

Asian and Black People Resent American Achievements, Penn Prof Says

A University of Pennsylvania law professor is facing a fierce backlash after slamming non-White Americans on a talk show last week.

UMichigan Students, Faculty Demand Higher Minimum Wage

Students and professors at the University of Michigan organized a protest to give part-time workers a $15-per-hour wage.

Graduate Students Continue to Protest Low Wages at US Universities

Displeasure over low wages has pushed thousands of employed graduate students to launch protests.