Sunday, December 4, 2022


Princeton University Professor Wins Award For Environmental Writing

Princeton University professor John McPhee received the 2018 Audubon New York Award for his environmental writing.

Professors Advice Most Sought Out and Valuable to College Graduates [Study]

Despite the myriad of services that career centers at campuses around the country tout to students, today’s college graduates are more likely to receive career advice from their professors.

Researcher Sues University of Maryland Over Sexual Harassment

A former researcher has sued the University of Maryland for ignoring her complaints about sexual harassment by professor Dr. Robert Crawford.

Arizona State University Professor Wins Innovation Award

Alexandra Ros, a molecular sciences professor at Arizona State University, has won the innovation award for her research paper.

University of Maryland Fires Two Athletic Trainers Over McNair’s Death

The University of Maryland has fired two athletic trainers days after parting ways with DJ Durkin over death of football player Jordan McNair.

Professor Sues Shawnee State University Over Transgender Pronoun Use

Shawnee State University professor has sued the university for issuing a written warning over the use of student’s preferred pronoun.

Savannah State University to Lay Off 26 Faculty Members

Savannah State University has decided not to renew contracts of 26 non-tenured faculty members as a result of reduced enrollment and state fund allocation.

University of Louisville Official Apologizes for Criticizing Trump Policies

University of Louisville’s vice provost for diversity issued an apology after she sent an email asking members to speak against various government policies.