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Surviving the Midterms: 4 Essential Things to Do


Welcome to the midterm season. For some of you, this may be your first time sitting for a college exam – which can be really scary – but don’t panic, I have some tips for you to make sure you cruise through midterms without any bumps in the road.

When you first walk into your classroom carrying your blue book or sitting in your room preparing to take that online exam, it is really nerve-racking. The best way to combat this is to be prepared. I know, I know, everyone says this but sometimes we need a reminder and some help. So here are four ways to prepare for your midterms and survive them, because at the end of the day that is what college students are trying to do… survive.

Ask Your Professors

This might sound crazy but your professors know what they are talking about. Instead of Googling the answer to that really tricky study guide question, send your professor a quick email. I get it, it feels like you are bothering them, but part of their job description to help their students.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification during class because despite how embarrassed you may be raising your hand to ask about a topic everyone around you seems to understand, you will feel a whole lot worse if you get an F on your midterm.

Study Groups

There is nothing like camaraderie in suffering and that is what study groups are great for. Get together with classmates and bounce ideas and knowledge off each other, cause after all five brains are better than one.

But do not fall into the trap of making your study group into a hang out session. This is not going to help anyone and most of all it is not going to help your grades.

Schedule Study Time

On the first day of the semester, you know the exact time your midterm will be, this gives you plenty of time to study. Yet, many of us leave it to the last minute which brings stress, tears, and more tears.

So let’s try to be proactive and not let this happen by scheduling an hour here and an hour there of studying. This way, when it’s time to take your midterm you are not cramming and panicking.


Sleep, the thing we do too much of all semester but when it gets to exam time we all abandon. Yet, getting good sleep is essential to acing your exam.

A half-asleep you aren’t going to be able to recall that one definition your professor skimmed over on the first day of class, but a well-rested you won’t even have to stop to think. So, please, sleep.

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