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What You Can Do For Spring Break At Home


The coronavirus pandemic may have brought students’ spring break plans to a halt, but that doesn’t mean there are no activities to do during this time from the comfort your homes. 

Here are a few resources everyone can use to have a little fun now and later, when the coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted: 

Virtual Museum and Zoo Tours

Creative minds must be going crazy in their homes, but you can visit many museums and zoos online. 

You can do a virtual tour of famous museums and cultural sites by downloading the app “Google Arts and Culture” on your phone. You can view paintings up close and browse through a number of fun articles such as “10 Animals with Superpowers” and “11 Women Who Changed the World.”

Zoos are also providing everyone to “visit” virtually, like the San Diego Zoo where you can watch the animals live cams or join “Wildlife Talks” on Facebook Live. 

Just google the place you want to visit and there is bound to be a way to visit virtually!

Virtual Concerts 

If you had plans to attend a concert, check out this list by NPR to find out which artists will be having virtual concerts and where to stream them. From R&B to Classical to rock music, there is something everyone can virtually attend. 

Movie Night 

Whether you live alone or with family, you can set up a movie night in the comfort of your home. 

Get together with your family or roommates, pick a movie and make the popcorn. 

If you don’t live with anyone, don’t fear. You can have a virtual movie night! You can Facetime or Skype and watch the movie together or use “Netflix Party.” “Netflix Party” allows you to watch a Netflix movie with a group of friends. You can pause and comment. Everyone needs to have a Netflix account and download the extension to Google Chrome. Download here

Game Night 

Similar to movie night, you can make a night out of playing games with your family or roommates. 

Virtually, there are a few websites you can find to play specific games such as Cards Against Humanity at These online websites usually create a link for you to send to your friends so they can join the game. 

There are alo apps that provide games for multiple players. On the iPhone, you can download “Game Pigeon” and you can up to 24 games including Cup Pong, Chess, 8 Ball, and Crazy 8 (a version of Uno) through text message. 

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