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Coursera, Milken Center Set up New Tuition-Free Virtual Academy


Online education provider Coursera has partnered with the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream (MCAAD) to launch a tuition-free program, the American Dream Academy

Through the new program, more than 200,000 underemployed workers, those without college degrees, and youth from underserved communities will gain access to high-quality online training to prepare for better careers.

“Our mission with this partnership is to give underemployed young Americans the opportunity to learn skills that will qualify them for higher-level employment, so they are better positioned to prosper and work toward their ultimate dreams,” MCAAD President Kerry Healey said in a statement.

“Simultaneously, the program will provide a steady stream of talent to companies that want to diversify their workforce and focus workforce training on skills for the future, not the past,” Healey added. 

Inside Look

The American Dream Academy will offer certificate programs for free on Coursera, including Facebook Social Media Marketing, Google Data Analytics, Google IT Support, Google Project Management, IBM Cybersecurity Analyst, and Salesforce Sales Development Representative training. 

Forbes reported that academy students who complete Google and IBM certificates are eligible for up to 12 college credits. Furthermore, Western Governors University is open to accepting students to its bachelor’s programs once they’ve finished their time in the academy. 

Some of the “wrap-around” support services offered to students are relevant webinars and virtual experiences, elective courses on resume writing and job interview preparation, as well as access to an alumni network for mentorship opportunities. 

“This type of institutional collaboration, offering skills training at no cost to underserved communities, will be critical to revitalizing the American Dream and building a more equitable workforce in the digital economy,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, the CEO of Coursera.

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