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Dashboard at University of Colorado Tracks Status of COVID-19 on Campus


The University of Colorado Boulder (CU) has created a dashboard to regularly update its students about the status of COVID-19 on campus. The new dashboard shows the number of completed tests and the number of positive results. It only includes results from CU Boulder Medical Services as part of campus efforts to mitigate the effects of coronavirus.

Students in residence halls need to be tested negative within five days before moving in. If a student tests positive on arrival and lives within a 250-mile radius of the campus, they may be asked to isolate until deemed clear to move onto campus. In case a student cannot go back home, they will be provided with isolation space on campus.

CU has a proactive approach to minimizing the risks of COVID-19 on campus. Campuses are being modified to suit physical distancing with increasing signage across the campus.

Students are to follow cleaning protocols and must use disinfectant wipes and sanitizer stations. Campus efforts include modifications for enhanced filtration and purification of air and the inclusion of alternative transportation to reduce student crowding.

Density in residence halls will be reduced, and close to half of all courses will be conducted online. It is also compulsory for every student on campus to complete a COVID-19 safety and awareness course, wear masks, and follow local health orders. 

The campus is also planning to implement a surveillance program to detect the presence of COVID-19 and mitigate the spread. 

“This concentrated and proactive approach to testing is expected to lead to an increase in the number of positive cases recorded on campus,” said Dan Jones, associate vice chancellor for integrity, safety, and compliance, in an official statement.

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