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Dartmouth College Receives $10 Million Gift to Recruit New Faculty

Dartmouth College has received a $10 million gift to better recruit and retain early-career faculty across various departments.

The gift was made by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, a foundation of the late Sherman Mills Fairchild, to nurture and retain faculty to become world-class scholars.

The college will spend $5 million on creating a new endowment to recruit high-achieving faculty in the realms of arts and sciences, while the remaining $5 million will be spent on enhancing the college’s Burke research program.

“This gift will strengthen our ability to compete for highly sought-after scholars,” President Philip J. Hanlon said in a statement. “Specifically, it will enhance the Burke Research Initiation program, which provides awards to junior faculty in the early stages of their careers, and establish a new endowment for high-potential faculty recruits.”

In the past, the foundation has supported various other initiatives at Dartmouth as well, exemplified by gifts like the Sherman Fairchild Physical Sciences Center, the Burke Laboratory, and the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professorships in Emerging Fields.

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