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$10 Million Gift to Advance Experiential Learning at Dartmouth College


Dartmouth College has received a $10 million gift to fund various research and teaching initiatives, the school announced in a press release on Wednesday.

Gregg L. Engles, the founding partner of Capitol Peak Partners, and Molly Engles, pledged the gift to Dartmouth’s The Call to Lead campaign, a $3 billion campaign to address the most pressing concerns currently facing humanity.

The campaign, which has received $2.05 billion in donations and pledges so far, is one of the most ambitious academic investments in the college’s 250-year history, benefiting all five of Dartmouth schools.

The gift from the Engles will support three different initiatives: A research and teaching “neighborhood” within the Center for Engineering and Computer Science, recruitment of top scholars to strengthen the school’s teaching and scholarship programs, and funding to complete the Hood Museum of Art.

In recognition of the gift, the college has named the museum’s vitrine gallery, featuring a distinctive 14-square-foot plate-glass window, as the Engles Family Gallery.

“Molly and I have a great appreciation and love of the arts and the role they play both in a university community and in the development of civil society, so deciding to support the Hood Museum was easy,” Engles said.

“In many ways, the future is sitting right down there in the West End. Dartmouth, Tuck, and Thayer are well positioned to develop entrepreneurs who use their engineering and computer science education to solve real problems in the modern world.”

Dartmouth president Philip J. Hanlon lauded the Engles for their contribution, which he anticipates will expand long-term learning and research opportunities for the community.

“As our strategic vision unfolded, there were moments when early investment was critical—to our pace, to our sense of possibility, and to our scope of ambition. At three different times, Gregg and Molly came forward and said, ‘We believe in this. We want to help’,” Hanlon said.

In March, the college received a similar amount in a gift from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation to better recruit and retain early-career faculty across various departments and to enhance its Burke research program.

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