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DePauw University Offers Virtual Classes to High School Teachers


“From Our Classrooms to Yours” is the latest initiative from DePauw University to bring new educational content to high school teachers and students in Indiana – and the world – through virtual classes.

The newly-created “faculty speakers’ bureau” will feature university professors from DePauw who will guest teach high school classes such as history, science, and more. The first round of online classes will be available for free beginning on March 1 until May 31 to interested high school instructors. 

DePauw interim vice president for admissions Terry Cowdrey said that the program will be announced to 3,300 high school counselors in the university’s database, but any high school teacher from around the world can request a lecture and have a university professor present it live via Zoom to their students.

“This is really about providing a service, using our expertise at DePauw to provide a service to support high school teachers and, by association, high school students during this challenging time,” Cowdrey said.

“One of the bonuses that will last for us post-pandemic is that we now know that we can bring these guest speakers in virtually to classrooms, whether the kids are actually all together in a classroom with their teacher or the students are also learning remotely,” she added.

Available Lectures

David Gellman, the A.W. Crandall Professor of History and chair of the history department, will conduct a class about Bruce Springsteen’s engagement with American history and another about abolishing slavery.

Geosciences Professor Scott Wilkerson will teach a course on climate change, while fellow professor Tim Cope will educate students on active volcano craters and tectonic plate movement.

Psychology Professor Rob West will discuss the relationship between technology use and brain activity related to cognition and emotion. There are other classes available that you can check out here.

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