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Thousands Rally Against Racist Robocalls at Drake University


Thousands of Drake University students, staff and faculty members on Wednesday gathered at Helmick Commons to protest against recent incidents of hate on campus.

Holding placards in the show of unity, the community members were protesting against racist and hateful robocalls by an Idaho-based white supremacist group, The Road to Power, on campus phone lines on Monday.

The university said that more than 3,500 people gathered to show their support for students of color holding signs saying “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”

“Every day, black students and students of color in American society and on this campus experience micro aggressions,” Drake University freshman Morgan Coleman told KCCI.

University President Marty Martin in a letter to the community members ensured safety to students of color and “commitment to equity and inclusion.”

“The forces of hate are mobilized, but they don’t control us or what happens on our campus. Rather, in the face of their attacks we are more motivated than ever in our collective determination to extend care and compassion to all of our students—particularly to our students of color,” president Martin wrote.

In the aftermath of the incident, the university has further announced its decision to paint the streets black to show commitment to students of color.

Pertinently, last week on Thursday, a note with a racist message was found under the door of a student at one of the on-campus residence halls. The student chose not to file a formal complaint with the authorities.

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