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Delaware State University Receives $1 Million to Support Wesley College Acquisition


Delaware State University (DSU), which earlier this year acquired Wesley College, a private liberal arts college, received $1 million from the Delaware-based non-profit Longwood Foundation to help ease the transition.

With the acquisition, DSU hopes to create one of five anticipated colleges directly on the Wesley campus, starting with the Wesley College of Health and Behavioral Sciences. The aid will also go into recruiting new employees and faculty members.

Referring to the longstanding association with Longwood Foundation, DSU director of media relations Steve Newton told The Philadelphia Tribune, “This marks a particular move forward in our relationship with Longwood because they’re partnering with us in what will be a long-term change in the entire higher educational setup in Delaware.” 

Next Steps

Wesley and Delaware State worked together for several years, even sharing faculty. Last summer, DSU announced its plans to acquire Wesley. The university hopes to complete the transaction by July 2021.

“The Longwood Foundation’s grant to Delaware State University to help acquire Wesley College is a wonderful investment that will benefit the students, but also the greater Dover community for many years to come,” Senator Tom Carper said in a statement.

The history between Longwood and Delaware State dates back by several years. Between 2011 and 2015, the foundation awarded two separate $1 million grants to support the university’s Project Aspire – a scholarship program that helped students stay enrolled and complete their post-secondary education.

The Longwood grant is also the final one in a series of awards the university received this month including a $1 million “Health Heroes Relief” award for minority medical students from TikTok, $1 million from JP Morgan Chase, and $20 million from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

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