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Civil Rights Office Investigating Two Universities for Title IX Violations

The Boston Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is currently investigating the University of Rhode Island and Boston University for potentially violating various provisions within Title IX, according to an article published by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

The investigation was announced after Mark J. Perry, an AEI scholar and a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan, filed a request for the federal civil rights compliance reviews.

Perry alleges both universities of “offering, promoting, sponsoring, and hosting” programs that violate Title IX’s prohibition of sex discrimination.

The federal office is investigating three Boston University programs, including Boston University AI4ALL, Codebreakers, and The Artemis Project. According to the information available on the university’s website, all are female-only programs, which Perry alleges are discriminatory against male students.

The University of Rhode Island is being investigated for accepting a $1 million gift from Karen L. Adams in March to support female students at URI’s Harrington School of Communication and Media.

“It’s very disappointing that as much as we hear from America’s universities about their pious virtue-signalling commitments to ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ and their alleged zero tolerance for any type of discrimination based on sex/gender, that there are nonetheless so many universities that so openly practice ‘gender uniformity, gender inequity and gender exclusion’ in programs and scholarships like the one identified above and so openly discriminate based on sex in violation of Title IX,” Perry said in an article.

Perry is seeking either the abolition of the gender discriminatory programs or that the programs be converted into gender neutral and inclusive ones.

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