A non-profit and an advocacy group are collaborating to implement a policy agenda that better prepares students for college and careers.

Washington-based NewDEAL Forum and Alliance for Excellent Education will work together to identify the most effective, actionable solutions to put more students on track for success in the workplace.

The education initiative was launched last week by a group of innovative state and local officials who will help implement report of policy recommendations to be produced next year.

“Good jobs require more skills than ever before, yet the NAEP results show that our young people – particularly low-income students and students of color – are not making the progress they need to succeed,” West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon said.

“We must do better, and we cannot wait for the federal government to lead. State and local governments must find new and better ways to expand high-quality college and career pathways, and to link workforce and education systems.”

The solutions will mostly focus on access to career pathways, reimagining career and technical education, and better linking K-12 and higher education systems.

“We must do better at preparing our young people for the future, particularly historically underserved students who need our help the most,” said Deb Delisle, President and CEO of the Alliance for Excellent Education.

“Too often policy recommendations sit on shelves; in this partnership with the NewDEAL Forum, we are confident that real change for students will result from our work,” Delisle added.

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