Former Eastern Michigan University (EMU) student Destinee Hayes accused a 65-year-old professor of sending her unsolicited photos of his genitalia. Having recently graduated from the university, Hayes sought the professor out and requested a letter of recommendation for law school.

However, on August 22, Hayes allegedly received an email from the EMU lecturer which contained pictures of his penis. In one of the emails that were supposedly sent using his university account, he asked her to return the gesture and even solicited other sexual acts. 

Having trusted him prior to the incident, Hayes could not believe the situation. “I was disgusted and taken aback. This was not something that I expected from this professor,” she told 7 Action News.

The EMU alumnus said that she reported the professor’s actions to the school’s Title IX Coordinator but hasn’t received any response or updates.

Charges Against EMU

Hayes plans to file a lawsuit against the university charging negligence, sexual and racial discrimination, and Title IX violations. With the help of her attorneys, Maurice Davis and Jasmine Rand, the former EMU student is hoping that her actions inspire other alleged victims to speak up.

“I do not believe that this is the first time he sent a student pornographic images. I am extremely disappointed in my alma mater Eastern Michigan University for not firing him. I refuse to remain silent while this man is still employed and left to victimize other women,” Hayes said in a statement.

The university, however, disputed the claims and said that its Title IX office had a discussion with Hayes on September 1. It also mentioned in the statement that the lecturer in question has been on leave and had no access to students. 

Davis and Rand are calling for the educator’s termination, noting that the university has all the evidence it needs to make the right decision. But school officials said that they will continue to investigate the matter.