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Most Faculty Members Prefers Face-to-Face Teaching Environment

Many faculty members prefer face-to-face teaching environment despite the growing online higher education industry.

It was revealed in a recent report by the Educause Center for Analysis and Research. About 73 percent of the faculty members prefer teaching face-to-face, while only 9 percent vouched for learning environments that are mostly or completely online.

Between 27 percent and 39 percent of faculty members reported not using online student success tools. Students find these tools more useful than faculty, according to the report.

The overall technology experience among faculty members has declined over the last two years. From 71 percent in 2017, the good or excellent ratings for IT support services declined to 64 percent in 2019.

“Compared with 2017, fewer faculty in 2019 rated the support services at their institution good or excellent, and fewer reported using their institution’s help desk when they need support; yet when used effectively, both contribute to overall satisfaction,” the report said.

In many classrooms faculty members ban cellphones. But those who receive professional development training on integrating technology in their classroom are more likely to not ban the use of smartphones than those who don’t receive such trainings.

The report called on institutes to communicate to faculty and students the benefits of advising technologies and provide professional development to faculty who have the interest and skills to teach online.

It also recommended creating awareness among IT support services staff that quality services for faculty contribute to the faculty’s overall ratings of their technology experiences.

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