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Most Foreign College Applicants Want Vaccine Mandate: Study


A study by Times Higher Education found that most international students considering higher education in the US would apply to a college or university with a vaccine mandate.

More than 400 current and prospective international students were surveyed and nearly half (44 percent) said they would be “much more likely” to apply to an institution where COVID-19 shots are necessary. Around 15 percent said that they would be “somewhat more likely” to do so.

Meanwhile, 11 percent of respondents answered that they would be “somewhat less likely” to apply to a university that requires students to be vaccinated.

Among survey participants, 57 percent stated that they had been vaccinated, while 88 percent of unvaccinated respondents also said they are willing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if offered.

All of the international students who participated in the study are interested in studying in the US despite the ongoing health crisis. However, some are also considering applying to academic institutions in other countries.

Other Findings

The study found that most international students want to study in-person, even if it requires them to undergo a period of quarantine. Around 86 percent also said they would feel positive if their first-choice universities would return to in-person instruction.

Meanwhile, 34 percent of respondents said studying online at a US university would be better than attending face-to-face classes in their home countries.

With regard to their reasons for wanting to study in the US, almost half of the respondents cited availability of student scholarships and funding opportunities. The cost of tuition was cited as the biggest concern for 56 percent of the participants.

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