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Six Men Charged in Sex Scandal at Fort Valley State University


The sex and prostitution scandal at Fort Valley State University is getting bigger day by day as a district court judge has issued warrants against six men.

The Macon Judicial Circuit District judge issued warrants against seven men who were clients of the students. The charged men includes Charles Jones, a former lawyer and Ernest Harvest, an assistant principal in charge of discipline at Huntington Middle School.

“The GBI reached the stage where there was sufficient evidence to support those arrest warrants,” District Attorney David Cooke told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“But just because we have been through this stage, doesn’t mean we are still not looking into things. We are going to continue to let this case be based on evidence and follow it wherever it goes.”

The investigation has found former university president’s assistant, Alecia Jeanetta Johnson of pimping and being the ringleader of the prostitution network. She put down her papers immediately after the investigation began in April. She is being charged with six counts of prostitution and six counts of pimping.

The university issued a statement on Friday seeking speedy justice delivery and sought accountability of those involved.

“Today we learned that two former FVSU employees have been charged with illicit conduct. We appreciate the work of the GBI in conducting this investigation, which began in April 2018 when administrators received two separate reports alleging wrongdoing,” reads the statement.

“We have consistently and aggressively worked with the University System of Georgia and law enforcement to ensure that anyone who allegedly puts our students at risk is investigated thoroughly and expeditiously, and have advocated for the most appropriate standards to be applied.”

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