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Furman University Sued for Mishandling Sexual Assault Complaint

The Furman University is being sued by two former students over mishandling a complaint of sexual misconduct.

According to Greenville News, the lawsuit has been filed by the female accuser and the male accused of a botched up investigation by the university into a rape case.

The female, identified as Jane Roe in court records, alleges university of sharing her medical records with accused John Doe and stretching its investigation for a long period of time.

The alleged rape, which the accused says was consensual intercourse, happened in 2017 after an off-campus fraternity party, where both had drinks and later went to the woman’s on-campus apartment.

The accused alleges the University of suspending him for more than three years without taking into consideration the evidence, which could have cleared his name.

“Mr. Doe is an innocent man, yet Ms. Roe falsely accused him of a horrific crime, and Furman then did everything it could to railroad him,” the accused’s attorneys said in the suit.

“Furman’s investigation and hearing process was flawed. School officials and representatives involved in the process repeatedly violated the rules and procedures detailed in Furman University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy,” the suit says.

Meanwhile, the university has strongly denied the allegations and filed a response against the suit.

“The university disagrees with the allegations against it and has responded to them in its filings,” Kevin Dunlap, Parker Poe law firm, issued a statement to FOX Carolina on behalf of the university.

“Federal student privacy requirements prohibit the university or its representatives from commenting on the specifics of this case or correcting any factual inaccuracies. Furman takes very seriously any and all claims of sexual misconduct, and it stands behind its handling of the matter underlying this lawsuit.”

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