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Most Graduates Find Alumni Networks Unhelpful [Survey]

Strong alumni networks are often one of the resources that colleges and universities rely on when it comes to ensuring the employment of their students after graduation.

However, a new Gallup survey found that 69 percent of graduates describe their alumni network as neither helpful nor unhelpful when it comes to helping them find jobs.

The survey results state that 22 percent of graduates found their alumni network very unhelpful or unhelpful, while only 9 percent of graduates found it helpful or very helpful in entering the job market.

“College students’ expectations are clear on this issue; they are expecting and demanding a good job upon graduation,” the report says.

“Gallup research suggests that there many important activities students can engage in during college to increase their odds for landing such a job — namely having an internship during college in which a graduate can apply what they were learning in the classroom — but the research does not support widespread claims that alumni networks are doing so.”

The survey results, which were compiled in 2018, were based on the responses of 5,100 U.S. college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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