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University of Georgia Program to Increase Diversity in Legal Studies


The University of Georgia has launched a new program to support students from underrepresented communities to pursue legal studies.

Last week, the School of Law announced Robinson Scholars Program in the memory of alumnus Robert E. “Robbie” Robinson, a civil and human rights attorney, which will cover the cost of college and provide an environment of support for the minority students.

Funded by the University’s New Approaches in Diversity and Inclusion initiative, the program will prepare students for law school, increase recruitment avenues, advancing diversity in the legal profession and increasing access to justice in legally underserved communities.

“The UGA School of Law strives to ensure that our student body – and consequently new lawyers beginning their careers – is representative of today’s society,” said Peter B. “Bo” Rutledge School of Law Dean.

“Programs such as this will break down some of the barriers that exist to entering law school, not only through financial support but by creating an environment where support is more readily available for these students as they begin law school as well as throughout their legal educations.”

Earlier the school created Benham Scholars Program in the honor of Georgia Supreme Court Justice Robert Benham for individuals who hail from or show a demonstrated intent to practice in legally underserved communities.

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