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UNCF Releases Questions Guide on HBCU Issues

The United Negro College Fund has come up with a new guide that will make community members aware of the issues currently faced by historically black colleges and universities and the possible solutions.

The new guide contains questions that students, families, alumni, faculty, and staff of HBCUs can ask the candidates who make visits to colleges while running for office.

It contains questions ranging from Pell grant and funding in Title III of the Higher Education Act to the Historic Preservation Program and student loan repayment plans.

“During my time as president of UNCF, I have seen a multitude of candidates visit the campuses of HBCUs to deliver speeches to the students, faculty and staff,” said Dr. Michael L. Lomax, president, and CEO.

“Unfortunately, what I have witnessed from a number of candidates are shared policies that actually prove to be detrimental for HBCUs, their students, and staff. It is because of this that I found it necessary for UNCF to produce an HBCU Issues Guide to inform others of the questions they should ask and the answers they should receive.”

The guide will also include the UNCF policy positions on certain issues that are of great concern to HBCUs.

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