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Howard University Basketball Coach Sued by 2 Former Players


The Howard University and its head basketball coach have been sued by two former players for forcing them to play while they were injured, which shattered their future prospects.

Coach Kevin Nickelberry has been alleged of gross negligence and misleading the players Ausar Madison and Kai Tease about the nature of the program. According to The Washington Post report, the plaintiffs have accused Nickelberry of not following NCAA regulations on training the players.

“Howard University’s basketball program purposefully violates NCAA rules regarding the safety of athletes by forcing its students, including the Aggrieved Students, to engage in illegal, grossly-excessive regulated athletic activities, resulting in catastrophic physical, emotional, and financial damages to Howard’s players, often in a manner that ends their professional careers before they start,” the lawsuit alleges.

“This is also an action for fraud, breach of contract, and related claims against Howard or Nickelberry’s inducement of the Aggrieved Students through material misrepresentations and omissions, as well as Howard’s failure to adhere to Nickelberry’s empty promises regarding scholarships.”

In an emailed statement to The Washington Post, the university has declined to comment on the litigation but has said that it will defend the allegations in the court.

“As a member of the NCAA and MEAC Conference, Howard University is committed to complying with all NCAA and conference rules. Howard University Athletics considers the physical and mental well-being, as well as the academic success of its student-athletes its top priorities,” Howard spokeswoman Crystal Brown said.

“While the University does not comment on pending litigation, we can confirm that we plan to vigorously defend the allegations in this complaint.”