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Howard Housing Protest Ends After Agreement is Reached


Howard University has reached a confidential agreement with students who participated in a 34-day protest against on-campus housing conditions. 

“We have achieved increased scrutiny, transparency and accountability,” Jasmine Joof, a Howard sophomore and the spokesperson for the Blackburn Takeover, told CNN.

On Monday, university officials and demonstrating students announced that concessions have pleased both parties, effectively ending negotiations ongoing for 20 days. 

“While the specific terms of the agreement are confidential, it can be said without any hesitation or reservation that the students courageously journeyed on a path towards greater university accountability and transparency and public safety,” Attorney Donald Temple, who represents the students, said at a news conference. 

A Step Forward

For more than a month, school authorities have been petitioned by students to address unlivable conditions at their dormitories. 

Some began to pitch tents at the Blackburn University Center in protest over the poor state of their accommodations, including rat infestations and flooding. Mold has also been reportedly growing in 38 of 2,700 rooms, affecting students’ health. 

Howard President Wayne Frederick wrote a letter Monday stating that a solitary issue involving the school’s housing is one too many and that university leadership will continue to improve its services to the student body. 

“I am encouraged and excited about the work we have accomplished — and the work we will continue to do — together to reinforce Howard University,” he said. 

“We came, we saw, we declared and we won. Today is a new day for Bison everywhere,” Channing Hill, one of the protest’s student organizers, said during a news conference.

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