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Church Gifts $100,000 to Howard University to Pay Off Student Tuition

Howard University has received a $100,000 gift to wipe out pending tuition fees of its seniors who will soon be graduating.

The gift was donated by the Howard-John Wesley, a pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC), on Sunday during a special service at the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel.

During the Seek 2019, a Church-wide physical, social media, and financial fast, the Baptist Church raised the $150,000 donation, giving $100,000 to Howard and the remaining $50,000 to help Bennett College maintain their accreditation.

“This year, as our fasting ended, we had asked members to make a sacrificial offering that we promised would go out the door of our church,” Pastor Wesley said.

“We decided to come to Howard University to find some students who are about to change the world but have some financial concerns, and let them know we’re going to take care of it for them.”

Howard University president Wayne A. I. Frederick lauded the church for helping students in paying off their outstanding tuition fees and in meeting their financial obligations.

“Their generosity is a reminder of how one person’s selfless act of kindness can be multiplied and have a profound impact on the lives of others,” Frederick said.

Every year, the church holds free HBCU festivals, often considered some of the largest in the nation. During their annual HBCU Sunday worship services, a contribution of $25,000 is also made to a designated HBCU. The church has appealed other churches to come forward and support the education of students studying in HBCUs as well.

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