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New Digital Course at Ivy Tech College Cuts Textbook Costs


Ivy Tech Community College has rolled out a new standard digital course for its introductory biology classes for students on distance education.

BioBeyond, which was created by the Inspark Teaching Network and developed on the Smart Sparrow platform, contains 13 immersive virtual field trips, 56 active and adaptive lessons, four integrative projects, and dozens of interactive simulations, making it easier for students to understand how life works.

“This new course is a gamechanger, both in how students engage with and understand the course material, and the insights instructors gain on students’ grasp of concepts throughout the semester,” Dr. Reid Morehouse, Assistant Professor of Life and Physical Sciences at Ivy Tech, said. “The pedagogical flexibility and cost savings we’re able to have with this course make it unlike any other.”

The inclusion of the new digital course will ensure that students can save money spent on course materials and easily navigate through the general science courses.

“We know that course material cost can be a barrier for our students,” said Madisen Gunkel, an Instructional Designer at Ivy Tech. “With BioBeyond we’ve found significant cost savings for our students and adaptive and engaging course content.”

The college which has campuses on 40 locations. Some 71,000 students on roll will use the course initially.

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