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Johns Hopkins Launches Initiatives to Bolster Student Career Development

Johns Hopkins University is revamping its structures to better prepare its students for life and various careers.

On Tuesday, the school announced the launch of various initiatives including the opening of three new administrative offices, integrating career and life design into the academic and co-curricular experience for the career development of students and alumni.

Starting in the fall of 2019, the university will shift its career planning culture in the direction of life design and ensure equitable and inclusive access to career opportunities for all students.

“This announcement represents a major paradigm shift that comes as a result of extensive planning and thorough information gathering,” Farouk Dey, vice provost for integrative learning and life design, said. “I’m thrilled to launch these new programs that will dramatically transform the student experience at Johns Hopkins.”

The new three offices will provide students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni with opportunities, mentoring, and networking. Hire Hopkins, which is one of the offices, will also develop relationships with employers to enhance job prospects for students among all university divisions.

Hopkins Connect will engage Hopkins alumni in mentoring and career guidance for current students, while a new PHutures office will provide Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows with professional development, life design and career connections.

“Student services have traditionally been on the periphery of the college experience, and the onus has always been on students to visit these offices to receive services,” Dey said. “But many students miss out on transformative opportunities in their personal and professional journeys because they don’t have access to certain privileges or resources.”

The university has also established a Life Design Lab to provide students with easy access to design programs and courses.

Next spring, the university will open a new center for integrative learning and life design that will house and bring together the Life Design Lab, the Office of Study Abroad, Student Employment Services, and the Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Research as well.

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