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Kansas State University Relaxes Mask Policy After CDC Guidelines


In line with the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kansas State University (KSU) is now allowing fully vaccinated people to participate in outdoor and recreational activities without wearing masks. 

However, in certain crowded settings and venues “such as live performances, parades, or sports events” masks are still required. The same applies to all indoor spaces at the university.

While gatherings are still limited to 50 people, KSU will lift the limit after August 1 and return to using the same administrative processes for approving events and activities that they followed before the pandemic.

Furthermore, university officials no longer require employees to disinfect classrooms and learning spaces before and after every class. However, cleaning supplies will still be readily available in classrooms, and employees do need to disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched, such as elevators and restrooms, on a regular basis.

This new policy will come into effect after graduation on May 17. The administration will also be lifting restrictions for sponsored out-of-state and international travel from this date onwards.

Back to the Old Normal?

The mask mandate at the KSU main campus in Manhattan and the KSU extension in Riley County are set to expire on May 16. 

After a year of postponed physical classes, remote learning mishaps, and colleges shutting down after financial hardship created by the pandemic, this semblance of normality is certain to be welcomed by faculty, staff, and students alike.

Earlier this month, six public state universities in South Dakota also lifted their mask policies, starting on May 10. Administrators will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.

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