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Body of Kori Gauthier, Missing LSU Student, Found


After a week of investigation, a body that was recovered last Tuesday from the Mississippi River has been confirmed to be that of Kori Gauthier, a missing Louisiana State University (LSU) student.

Officials confirmed the discovery last Wednesday, and according to Bart Thompson, the LSU Chief of Police, investigators concluded that there was no criminal activity or foul play involved.

This conclusion was reached as a result of cell phone tracking, video footage, and “other evidence we shared with Kori’s parents that we are not at liberty to disclose publicly out of respect for their privacy.”

Details of the Investigation

Gauthier was reported missing on April 7, when her vehicle was found on the Horace Wilkinson Bridge by the Baton Rouge police. It was unoccupied a little after midnight, following an accident that was described as “a stalled vehicle on the bridge” by NBC News

In an earlier article, NBC News also reported that the officer who responded to the call immediately removed her vehicle from the roadway to prevent other crashes.

“Upon arrival the officer observed the stalled vehicle was unoccupied. The officer acted quickly to have the vehicle removed from the roadway to prevent any other crashes. The registered owner of the unoccupied vehicle was not contacted, but this investigation remained ongoing,” the Baton Rouge police said in a statement.

Pictures of the accident, as well as the first murmurs of suspicion that her disappearance might have involved foul play, circulated days after.

Gauthier’s Uncle Encourages Mental Health Awareness

Gauthier’s uncle, who has only been identified on Twitter by his first name, Spencer, went on Facebook Live to encourage netizens to “get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations.”

“A nation of people came together for my niece. The same nation of people can come to your side and help you throughout things in life if you simply say the truth and say what’s going on. We’re all in this together, alright?”

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