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Loyola, Tulane Students Raise Concerns Over Spiked Drinks in Bars


New Orleans police officers are investigating reports by several Loyola and Tulane University students claiming their drinks have been drugged while socializing in nearby bars. 

School officials have remained tight-lipped about the investigation. However, Loyola Police Chief Todd Warren and Tulane Police Chief Kirk Bouyelas said they are working with the New Orleans Police Department to identify possible perpetrators.

NOLA reported that Maple Street TJ Quills was raided as part of the investigation and that more than one suspect may be involved.

“We are concerned that students, particularly minors, may have been served illegal substances without their knowledge or consent, putting them in danger. We also want to make clear that this danger is not limited to any single bar, though the incidents reported have occurred at the bars closest to campus that many frequent,”  Warren wrote in an email. 

Bar Safety 101

Warren reminded students to be cautious when socializing and be vigilant with their drinks, especially if they feel strange only after one drink. Symptoms to watch out for are nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, dizziness, loss of muscle control, and heart irregularities, among others. 

Bouyelas also added that it is safer to party in large groups and watch how your drinks are prepared and given to you. Also, it is important to have your drink with you at all times. 

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