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Many College Scholarships Discriminatory to Male Students

More than half of the higher education institutions offer scholarships that violate Title IX provisions that prohibit sex-based discrimination.

According to a new report from policy reform group, Save Abusive and Violent Environment, sex-specific scholarships for male students of more than 57 percent of colleges and universities were found discriminatory in nature.

The group surveyed over 200 colleges and universities in 36 states. The schools were discriminating against male students in programs such as engineering and information technology programs, where only the participation of female students was allowed.

“Discriminatory sex-specific scholarships are only one example of widespread Title IX violations at institutions of higher learning,” the report read. “Many institutions offer programs that limit participation to female students.”

The researcher examined scholarships offered at Kent State University and found eleven such scholarships reserved for female students as compared to just two scholarships for male students. On average, each female student received a scholarship of $2,208 while male students were offered an average scholarship of $1,567.

“The overall effect of the award of such sex-restricted scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of financial assistance does not discriminate on the basis of sex,” the Title IX regulation reads.

Currently, lawsuits are piling up against many colleges across the nation that facially violate provisions of Title IX that ban sex-based discrimination. In June, the Boston Office for Civil Rights opened up an investigation against the University of Rhode Island and Boston University for“offering, promoting, sponsoring, and hosting” programs that violate sex discrimination policies.

The federal office is investigating three Boston University programs, including Boston University AI4ALL, Codebreakers, and The Artemis Project. According to the information available on the university’s website, all are female-only programs, which Perry alleges are discriminatory against male students.

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