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Marquette University Professor Suspended Over Relationship with Student


An inappropriate relationship with a student has cost Wisconsin-based Marquette University law professor his job.

According to a USA Today report, Paul Secunda, who taught authority on labor and was the director of the school’s Labor and Employment Law Program, has been suspended from his duties with immediate effect.

The school hasn’t given any further details about the investigations into the professor’s conduct which began in May 2017.

“Paul Secunda has been removed from his duties, including teaching, at Marquette University as the result of information developed from an investigation that began last May. Marquette will not comment further on the issue at this time,” the University statement reads.

While terming the suspension as injustice, Secunda has said that he will come out clean from the allegations.

“I assume Marquette University has chosen to act as it has toward me to protect the University. This does not diminish the great respect I have for this institution and my fellow professors,” Secunda said in a statement released through his attorney, Jennifer Walther.

“Nonetheless, I cannot stand by idly in the face of what I believe to be an injustice. I have confidence in the process Marquette and the faculty have established to protect tenured professors in these circumstances, and believe I will clear my name at the end.”

The case is now supposed to be heard by the Faculty Hearing Committee to gather more information on the allegations against the professor.

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