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Michigan State Joins Research Partnership to Improve Public Schools


Michigan State University is on a new mission to improve public schools in the state by facilitating research projects in education.

The new initiative is a part of the collaboration between Michigan Education Research Institute, Michigan Department of Education and the Center for Educational Performance and Information and the University of Michigan.

The university’s research institute will provide the research agenda to education leaders from the state and the nation who in turn will advise the state agencies.

“I’m excited about the capacity MERI will have to answer questions about the intended and unintended effects of education policies and practices,” said Robert Floden, dean of the MSU College of Education. “Important policy areas include charters and choice, assessment of a range of student outcomes and the preparation and employment of teachers and school leaders.”

The collaboration, which is majorly funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, will give policy leaders a platform to share inputs and research work with national experts.

“The Michigan Department of Education is excited to see this formal research partnership established between the state and the two university partners,” interim State Superintendent Sheila Alles said.

“Becoming a top 10 education state in 10 years takes knowledge of what is happening in our schools now; learning what has proven successful; and using that to develop better practices for all our educators and students.”

The research institute will soon start a multi-year implementation study of Competency-Based Education program run by the state by surveying students, principals, and teachers, and make spot visits to schools.

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