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Michigan State University Initiative to Promote Arts Across Campus

The Michigan State University is starting a new initiative to promote art across its campus by making it a fundamental part to ensure the best student experience, the university announced on Monday.

The MSUArts strategy, a yearlong effort by the university, will maximize the impact of existing arts resources, including art installations, sculptures, and exhibits by making it easily accessible to the community members.

Under the initiative, the university will seek to make an impact on the overall education experience and create a sense of place, while bolstering research and creativity.

“Art has this unique ability to bring people together,” Judith Stoddart, associate provost for university collections and arts initiatives who is leading MSUArts, said. “A successful arts strategy is one that reinforces students’ sense of community and belonging to enhance the educational experience and deepen their personal growth.”

“As educators, it’s our goal to set our students up for success by giving them the ability to push themselves creatively,” she added.

The officials are aiming at collaborations not only across various disciplines, departments and programs, but also greater Lansing communities to make campus a local hub for art.

The arts strategy planning committee is currently looking for ideas from the university community on how to promote arts. Earlier this year, the faculty and staff were gathered at the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology to discuss ideas on future projects once the MSUArts strategy is implemented.

“This plan should give students a more connected, more grounded, more culturally sensitive and engaged experience,” Provost June Pierce Youatt said. “The arts are not just a course or major to be completed. They become a means of asking questions and engaging in conversations about the fundamental issues of our time.”

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