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Michigan State University Plans Discussion Series on Sexual Violence


Michigan State University is organizing a roundtable discussion series to educate and raise awareness about sexual abuse and harassment.

The university museum has partnered with The Army of Survivors, a nonprofit founded by survivors of Larry Nassar, to facilitate the series.

The five-part series which will include panelists like Kate Wells from Michigan Radio’s podcast “Believed;” MSU psychology professor, Rebecca Campbell, and a sexual assault survivor and advocate, Amanda Thomashow, will hold discussions on healing, trauma and consent.

“The museum is delighted to be partnering with The Army of Survivors, an important advocacy organization for survivors of sexual violence,” Mark Auslander, museum director, said. “We are especially delighted that sister survivors will be participating in every one of these sessions, in conversation with scholars, practitioners and other advocates.”

The series will kick off on Feb. 12 with a discussion on “Understanding Consent: Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Sexuality and Sexual Violence”. The last event in the discussion series will take place on April 23.

“It’s incredibly exciting to continue the conversation around such an important topic,” Grace French, founder of The Army of Survivors, said. “With these panels, I hope that MSU and the Michigan community can continue to learn about the effects of sexual violence and go out to make impactful change.”

Over the last year, the university has undertaken various initiatives aimed at addressing sexual abuse, especially after receiving backlash for its handling of complaints against disgraced physician Nassar.

Last May, the university agreed to settle a lawsuit, paying $500 million to 332 victims of sexual abuse by Nassar. Nassar was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison after he was found guilty of three child pornography charges and 10 sexual assault charges. He is currently serving his sentence at the United States Penitentiary in Tuscon, Arizona.


Michigan State University Pays Off $500 Million in Nassar Settlement

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