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Michigan State Starts On Campus Substance Abuse Recovery Center

Michigan State University students suffering from substance abuse disorders no longer have to choose between education and recovery as the school has started a special on-campus housing project.

According to the university, the new initiative is the part of its expansion of student health and wellness services to cater to 1,534 enrolled students who identify themselves as recovering from substance use.

“Students no longer have to choose between recovery and their education,” Dennis Martell, director of MSU’s Health Promotion department said. “Recovery housing through our Collegiate Recovery Community offers a safe, supportive environment where students can have a real college experience without alcohol or drugs. They form meaningful relationships based on sobriety, friendship and academic success.”

Students, who become members of the Collegiate Recovery Community located in a north neighborhood residence hall and identify themselves as recovering, have to abstain from consuming drugs and alcohol.

“At MSU, CRC students are some of the most successful, with 81 percent reporting a cumulative GPA above 3.0 and 33 percent reporting a GPA of 3.5 or above,” Dawn Kepler, Collegiate Recovery Community coordinator, said.

“Our program helps students succeed by providing individualized recovery planning, 24/7 student lounge space, support and accountability from staff and peers, sober social events, community service opportunities, as well as wellness and life skills workshops.”

According to the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, there are more than 186 substance abuse recovery programs on campuses across the country.

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