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Middlesex College Rebrands in Effort to Eliminate Community College ‘Stigma’


Middlesex College in Edison, New Jersey is moving forward with a rebranding initiative in an effort to dispel any possible “stigma” that may be associated with attending a 2-year institution.

President Mark McCormick said that the effort is to make more people aware of the institution’s true mission, goals, and objectives.

It will also show students why Middlesex College is the best choice in terms of affordability, flexible scheduling, and quality, the president said.

“Despite such amazing outcomes for our students, there are many in our community who remain unaware of what Middlesex College has to offer,” McCormick stated.

“With our new name and rebranding, we aim to spread the word about all that Middlesex College stands for and to help dispel the stigma around attending a two-year institution,” he added.

‘Middlesex College Graduates Perform Better’

McCormick revealed that Middlesex College has received positive feedback from educational institutions to which their graduates transferred.

He claimed that universities, located particularly in New Jersey, observed that graduates of the community college perform better than students who started in a 4-year institution.

“Middlesex College offers high-quality education that serves county residents and customizes training and workforce development… Our transfer partners report that Middlesex College graduates perform better than students who started the four-year institution in terms of grade point average and time for completion of a bachelor’s degree,” the president stated.

New Branding Effort Serves as Extension

County Commissioner Director of Middlesex County Ronald Rios explained that Middlesex College’s new branding effort is an extension of a rebranding initiative begun several years back.

He further remarked that changing the name, logo, and even the mascot – among others – sends a stronger message to people that the public college is the right choice for those looking to further their education.

“The new Middlesex College rebrand identity perfectly reflects the college’s unwavering dedication to its mission,” Rios stressed.

“And every element – from the new name to the new logo and even the new mascot – reinforces the message that Middlesex College is a worthy first choice for prospective students. Just as Middlesex County is a top destination for residents and businesses,” he added.

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