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Montana State’s Title IX Director Steps Down Amid Federal Lawsuit


The director of the Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX coordinator at Montana State University left her position last month and switched over as an adjunct professor in Native American studies.

The sudden move taken by director Jyl Shaffer comes in the middle of a federal suit against the university where she is accused of showing bias against straight men and favoring transgender men.

Erik Powell, a former student, sued the university in 2017, alleging the violation of his rights by placing a campus ban on him after he raised his objections to transgenderism to an instructor.

“MSU was biased against Powell because he is a straight male,” the lawsuit charges. “Shaffer also has firmly held anti-male beliefs that she shared on her Twitter account.”

Shaffer has been replaced by Emily Stark as the equity director and Title IX coordinator.

“Both are matters of personal privacy and therefore the university can’t elaborate on their departures from their jobs,” Tracy Ellig, the university vice president for communications, told Bozeman Daily Chronicle, when asked why Shaffer left the position.

Meanwhile, the case is being heard by Sam Haddon at U.S. District Court, with plaintiff seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages.

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