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Students Alleges Morehouse Staff Member of Sexual Assault

Atlanta, Georgia – based Morehouse College is grappling with multiple allegations of ignoring sexual harassment complaints against its staff member.

According to The New York Times, two current students posted videos on Twitter explaining the sexually abusive behavior by DeMarcus Crews, interim director of student housing and resident education. Morehouse is the nation’s only historically black men’s college.

20-year-old Michael Key, one of the victims, said that his ordeal began soon after the orientation week in fall 2017, when Crew gave him his business card. Key said that Crew would often behave inappropriately, sometimes physically touching him and making improper comments.

“He would pinch on my cheeks, hug me, do things that made me uncomfortable,” Key told BuzzFeed News.

Key said that the continuous harassment by Crews led to many health complications, including improper eating and weight loss. He further alleged school’s Title IX office of not taking cognizance of the complaint filed by him in January 2018.

“They’re supposed to make sure there’s justice served for the students and not justice served for the administration, meaning not protection for the administration,” he added.

Hours after Key’s video went viral on Twitter, another student came ahead with his allegations of sexual assault against Crews.

“I remember that one time he said to me, ‘All the girls want your pussy, huh,’” the other unidentified student said in the video. “implying that these men at Morehouse College were sexually interested in me.”

Meanwhile, the college has launched a formal investigation into the allegations and placed Crews on unpaid leave.

“Maintaining a safe and secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a priority at Morehouse College,” the college said in a statement.

“We will take appropriate and immediate action against anyone involved in compromising the safety of our community,”

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