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Morgan State Starts Food Resource Center for Students

To counter food insecurity among students on campus, Morgan State University is launching a new Food Resource Center (FRC) providing a one-spot location to receive food with the use of school ID cards.

The announcement was made last week by the University President David Wilson during the inauguration of FRC at Morgan Business Center. The food center, slated to launch on December 7, will also educate community members on various aspects related to a healthy diet.

“Food insecurity is a big issue on college campuses across America, often becoming a critical barrier to student success. So I’m pleased to see the level of engagement from our student leaders in identifying this need and bringing it to the attention of the administration along with a plan of action,” President Wilson said in a release.

“It is truly magnificent to see how quickly we were able to come together as faculty, staff and students to address this issue on our campus head-on, and in a manner that is going to make a tangible difference in students’ lives. This is how a community comes together; this is indicative of ‘the Morgan Way’,” Wilson added.

The idea to start the center was originally proposed by Samone Crews while running for student office during her freshman year.

Presently, the center is stocking its shelves with food from the donated money, including $29,500 donated by Morgan’s Class of 1969.

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